Kirker | Davis Website

Kirker | Davis reached out to me in order to complete their site. The site had the basic idea and content, however the two attorneys were spending a lot of time meeting and working with the developer. I was brought in to take the existing content and run with my ideas. Saving the two attorney’s time and effort micromanaging the web development of their new firm.

K | D Website

Main Features

Branding & Identity

I was given the freedom of design and picked a modern theme, then applied their logo along with matching brand colors. I also worked on creating a set of letterheads for their firm.

Web Development

Deployed the WordPress site on Flywheel. Created some custom CSS/HTML5 for the site, along with adding a custom link to their payment processing service.

SEO Optimization

SEO was applied to the site using Yoast SEO. I also registered the site with major web search engines. I then worked with the SEO company hired to manage the site going forward.

Content Management

Worked with the firm to create infographics for their social media push.

LearnNI Website

Created a new landing page for National Instrument’s Global Customer Education team. The original landing page was not loading the parallax experience as expected. I was tasked to create a new landing page that was more functional.

Learnni WebSite

Main Features

Web Development

Setup a Microsoft Azure WebSite service. Applied Traffic Manager to the Web App and deployed the landing page, along with the content. Created the landing page using CSS/HTML5/Bootstrap.

Branding & Identity

I was given creative freedom for the design. Then I worked with the internal marketing team to ensure brand consistency.

.js Libraries

Used .js libraries:

  • Modernizr
  • elementTransitions
  • jquery

Content Management

Applied Google Analytics to track usage for reporting.

eLearning Development

eLearning / PoC’s created for various clients. Click here to access the gallery (password protected link – email me for the password)


Redesign of UI for eLearning

Motion Graphics/ 3D/ Video

Videos created for various clients using After Effects, Premiere Pro, Camtasia, Maya, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Graphic Design

Graphics created using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Autodesk Maya.

What they say

“This guy is great! Aaron is easy going, yet very professional with attention to detail and obvious pride in a job well done. He posesses a strong skill set and is eager to learn and master more. Highly recommended.”


“You made very clear graphics for my classes. Crisp, minimalistic, and excellent illustrations of the points I was trying to make.”


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