To push my creativity and design as far and as hard as I can, without fear of failure – while striving to “never be the smartest person in the room”.


To blend different forms of media to create a highly interactive and engaging immersive media experience.


Using movement to capture the eye and engage the mind. Pushing the limits of software, and when I’ve pushed too far, coming up with creative solutions to produce results.

Full Stack Skills

eLearning Development

With over eight years of experience I have seen a lot and grown with industry trends. Now, I strive to take new approaches and help push the industry forward as a trailblazer.

Web Development

I possess the ability to hand code html5/CSS, which allows me to create and design one off responsive websites. While understanding the power of WordPress, I am comfortable working in both environments.

Microsoft Azure/LMS Experience

The understanding of the back-structure allows me to do more than the average eLearning developer. This skill-set is what pushes me into the “full-stack” realm. I am extremely technical and can grasp complex concepts from load-balancing and CDN to creating courses and assigning groups in an LMS.

Content Development and Management

With a degree in Multimedia I have been working with and integrating different forms of multimedia since 2003. I understand the complexities of high end 3D animation and motion graphics to Photoshopping your dog’s head on a cat body.

My "Team"

My son and I, partners in crime since 2013.

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